Yimmy’s Armoire

Message Candle (13oz Ceramic)


Want to send a message via candle light?

-Hidden message takes an hour or two to reveal. 

-If you would like to keep the message, carefully remove letter beads from wax with tweezers.

-Wipe down with a paper towel.

-Pass your hidden message beads through the provided elastic string.

-Tie around your hand and double knot to close.

-Cut remaining string & enjoy your new bracelet & the rest of your candle! 

- Hidden message may take 1-2 hours to fully reveal.

-Vessels are black, wax color will vary based on scent chosen. 

-Please leave a note at checkout with your chosen message and fragrance.  NO numbers/special characters. Please limit your message to four short words to allow proper spacing. 

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